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November 07, 2009


Picture of the new laptop, please.

And I've just written 800 words of my 5th novel, having now firmly tossed out my fourth. So, if this is a competition, you know, I guess I'm competing.

I've been reading Annie Dillard's "The Writing Life." The first chapter is amazing, about all the writing you have to throw away before you start actually writing the thing you're going to keep. And there are no prizes, of course. And nobody cares.

Fantastic, sobering, stultifying. Agreed.

Hi, Nancy. Glad you are finally upgrading your technology. I hope you have those books backed up somewhere else. You might check out Dropbox which gives 2GB for free or one of the inexpensive online backups such as Mozy or Carbonite. Remember that technology will always fail at the least opportune time ( or be stolen like F. F. Coppola).

Do you like the keyboard?

Actually, I don't like the keyboard on the new computer; the keys are so flat and there's no space between them. As a three-fingered typist, this presents problems. Though I will also be fast to fault the creators of a program that decides if you hit both the letter A and Caps Lock, your typing will default to all caps. I mean, come on! You're using A all the time. Stupid stupid.
Anyway, my husband has several times come into my office to see me using old computer -- as I am right now -- while new one sits next to me. He just shakes his head.

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