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July 11, 2010


Too bad Twain is no longer around, as I would like to ask him more about this.

It's a fascinating essay, and remains relevant of course.

"You only wish in a dumb way that you hadn't done it, though really you don't know which it is you wish you hadn't done, and moreover you don't care."


I was very surprised recently with the negative reaction of one interview subject to something I'd written. Of course I've tried to carefully phrase this so as not to identify them...

Oddly it had nothing to do with what I quoted the person as saying, but with the fact that I described what they were eating during the conversation. "You made me look fat," they said, after shouting themselves through a profanity-laced tirade for 20 minutes. Never mind being a "cyclone," sometimes I wonder if an interviewer is simply a Rorschach blot for the subject's rather sad insecurities.

Then again, of course, that's exactly what a cyclone would say.

Interesting the way he absolves the interviewer of all responsibility. He's just a cyclone, a force of nature, can't be blamed or held responsible for the damage he does.

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