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January 08, 2012


YAY Ristretto team!

I am sure none of you know who I am, I live in Vancouver, BC and for many years you have been on my stop to my brother's place in Eugene. Discovered the first store and met Nancy and Rachel, it seems long time ago!

Anyway ... touching story! Reminds me of why one year ago I decided to start my own small business and create an energy around me that I wasn't doing in the corporate world. Thanks for sharing and thanks to all the staff who have made me amazing coffee's over the years, I still remember about two years ago or so, stopping in for a good coffee (after being forced to breakfast someplace else) and having someone pull me Java shots off the bar - great, you are all amazing people, keep up the good work!

Next time I'm driving by (though it is rare these days) I'll bring in some preserves.

Sivia, thank you! And congratulations on your new business. Onward!

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